Do presume… One was saved, the other was damned


For ten months,
The fortress has been surrounded.
Half of the population already died.
The king looks desperate,
When he gathers around him,
His few generals left alive.
The enemy weakened in the west,
He says, a counter-attack may work.
He then stands and asks:
Who among you is lucky?


You were young and pretty,
You made it to that dream job.
You were alleviating other’ sufferings
You were fair and emphatic.
You were available to listen.
You were a loving mother.
You had our house just bought.
This doesn’t matter.
You just got cancer, my adorable wife.
Bad luck.


7 faces in 50-words stories

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Everyday she arrives on time.
In her little office,
Above the underground cells,
Where the prisoners are kept.
Most spend a few days only
Taken randomly from the streets,
While they are demonstrating.
What matters more is their number of days,
She multiplies by two daily meals…
For the billing.

50-words stories from 2035…continuing

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Apocalypse, Google Image

28th June — 08:45
Pierre, mon Amour,
You cannot do that.
Tell me something,
Write, write again!
This time, I ask you!
What happens?
I told you to stay safe.
Yes, this must be the case,
Without a network.
You cannot let me.
I am sorry.
I screwed up everything.
I shouldn’t…

28th June — 08:46
Fuck the 50-words limit!
I shouldn’t have gone,
By myself, I know.
But you seemed so stuck,
Bent over your desk. …

A long journey to Russia

Thursday, October 18th, 2007
Berlin Ostbahnhof. I am happily leaving my old life behind.
That was enough. I could no longer stand this.
Trying, failing, trying again.
Love, work, music…
Europe has been very disappointing, I must say.
I feel exhausted.
No breaks in the vicious circles of non-successes.
I was born in this corner but I never felt at home.
Neither among my peers!
My new home is for now “Vagon 8, Kupe lux 3, Mesta 5”.
That is how I chose it! …

50-words stories from 2035

OCEANIX/BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

24th June — 09:12
My Love, the first night without you…
How often do shuttles go
Between your floating city and Gibraltar boarding harbour?
So nice that you could escape the hell,
We used to call home.
I will apply again to join you.
I can improve my utility score, I think.
Missing you.

24th June — 17:28
I am happy.
I have been given a flat,
Immediately! Open to the sea.
With a patio smelling iodine.
And living flowers!
Fresh water, power and heat for everyone.
Produced by us in a sustainable cycle.
I have been affected to ocean farming.
Yes, you must apply.
Couples get privileges…

Border Lines

Curious crypto-writer into rude poetry and naughty (too) short stories at the limit of good taste. Twitter: @Borderlines_cie #cryptoart #poetry #NFT

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